PERHAPS THE BEST-KNOWN African-based religion today is voodoo, which is at its core shamanic. As many as a million people worldwide have ordered powerful voodoo spells. Merciful gods Damballa, Obatala, Oshun and Shango whom have made all wishes come true. These powerful super naturals empower us in dreams, through which they provide ability to diagnose a problem.


I always maintain working around the three main elements of traditional healing in African-based religions which are the prevention of, and protection from, difficulties, the discovery of the causes of these difficulties; and their eradication. Part of my work is the management of the process of dying.

Having performed voodoo rituals for quite a long time i always know when no more can be done through my own art. I will advise you accordingly and will hold myself available to aid in the transition process. I always consult the spiritual realm by invoking and conferring with the ancestors. The great khimisha heritage ancestors and recently departed clan members play a large part in the rest of the work of my traditional healing, which relates to protecting clients from possible harm.

Protect your life and relationship in advance, prevent your lover from cheating on you, banish a love rival, prevent your love from contemplating divorce, Use my ceremonial pipe to protect your love from evil.




Spells for love, money, health power and protection

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